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1. What is the HPT Team Pulse?

The HPT Team Pulse is a brief (10 second) confidential survey that is emailed to HPT Team Pulse participants every Thursday morning. At the end of each month, a 'Team Pulse' scorecard is sent back to the team to drive conversations around wellbeing and performance. The HPT Team Pulse uses 4 simple questions to assess each of the 4 indicators of High Performance Teams (HPT) AND also measures Collective Team Efficacy (CTE).

CTE4 Factors.jpg

2. How do Pulse Surveys Work?

Completing the HPT Team Pulse Survey is easy!

1.   Every Thursday at 7am HPT Team Pulse will send your individual Pulse Survey to your nominated email address (please add to your address book to ensure that you always receive your HPT Pulse Survey emails).

2.   Once you receive your email click on the "Click here to answer the survey now" link. This will open your web browser to your individual HPT Team Pulse survey.


3.   To answer the survey read each item and click the sliders to record your rating. It's best not to overthink your rating but rather go with your 'gut feel'. Once you've finished click the "submit" button at the lower left of the screen.

4.   At the end of the month your team's HPT Team Pulse Report will be emailed to your team.

5.   Instructions on debriefing your "Team Pulse" report are detailed in the video here.

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3. What do I need to do to set up the HPT Team Pulse?

Setting up the HPT Team Pulse is as easy as following these two steps:

1.   Provide us with an up-to-date team list that includes the name and email address of each participant as well as their position and team grouping (e.g., cohort team, faculty, administration, teacher aides, leadership). You can download the excel file here (see below example).


2.   Conduct a whole-of-workforce briefing session at the commencement of the program to ensure maximum engagement and benefit for all team members. Also ensure everyone watched this short video here.

4. What happens in Business as usual?
trend reports.jpg
5. What do I brief my staff on and when?

In our experience, over-communication is the best policy - especially when getting started. The more the program is socialised and normalised with staff, the more likely it is to succeed.

We have a number of additional fact sheets, videos, and FAQs which provide detailed information about the program benefits, features, and procedures that can be shared freely with staff at all levels throughout the duration of the program here.

More Questions?

Get in touch with us via: or below.


Once the program has begun your team will the below program schedule:

Tuesday: A short eToolbox article on workforce wellbeing is sent to read and discuss with colleagues.

Thursday: The HPT Team Pulse Survey is sent at 7am every Thursday.

Last Day of the Month: The team's combined pulse data is analysed and the group average is calculated and reported in the Monthly Team Scorecard (see example below).

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